Restaurants in Turkey that can only be visited by the sea

There is nothing like sinking the sun in the restaurants in the bays and marinas while you cruise on those beautiful coasts in summer. After enjoying the blue all day, when delicious food is added to the beautiful view on the seaside, all that remains is to be grateful for life. This summer, we invite you to restaurants where you can enjoy the most delicious food while you cruise around the bay with your boat.

Sabrinas Haus

Sabrinas Haus is one of the most famous venues in Bozburun, the point where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet. Its slogan "My name is love" is also a sign of how romantic it is. Sabrinas Haus, which is very assertive with its cuisine, starts the day with a healthy breakfast consisting of completely natural products. Fresh seafood from the fishermen of Bozburun reaches the tables by finding shape in the hands of creative chefs.

Denizkizi Kaptan Restaurant /Okluk Bay

Sadun Boro, the master of the sailors, the first Turkish sailor to sail around the world, loved Okluk Bay so much that he wrote a poem in his name. Serving since 1982 in this unique paradise where blue and green meet, Denizkizi Kaptan Restaurant offers its guests fresh seafood from local fishermen. Fruits and vegetables are collected from the restaurant's own garden, and the delicious bread baked in the oven accompanies the breakfasts. Electricity and water services are also provided at its 20 vaulted pier.

Bozburun Yacht Club/Bozburun

When you pass Sabrinas Haus, you will immediately meet Bozburun Yacht Club. The Bozburun Yacht Club, which was brought to life after Edhem Dirvana's father, Süleyman Dirvana, turned the region that he bought as a summer residence into a boutique hotel and restaurant, is an extremely sophisticated venue. The cuisine is very ambitious. Edhem Dirvana's mother Zeynep Hanım makes the people addicted to the legendary dishes. The club also offers services such as library, internet, water, electricity and laundry to its visitors. It is useful to make a reservation before going to the club, which can connect 8-10 boats to its pier and is very crowded in summer. In the meantime, you can take your boat to Ship Ahoy, the private beach of Bozburun Yacht Club, for a meal.

Nomad Restaurant/Bedri Rahmi Bay

One of those who discovered this cove is Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, one of the most valuable artists of our country and one of the first blue passengers. The great artist carved a fish figure on a rock with his own hands in order to leave a trace of himself in the bay. The bay was also named after him. Nomad Restaurant, run by Ferhat Dönder, who is of nomadic origin, and his wife, has a wooden pier where 30 boats can be moored. Nomad's most famous dish is crispy french fries. Tell us...

Osman'in Yeri / Fethiye

Osman's Place, located in the bay known as Turunçpınarı, was founded in 1982. Turunçpınarı got its name from the fresh water spring, which is covered with citrus trees on the summit, approximately 400 meters above sea level. Located in the lush forest, Osman's Yeri offers its guests the traditional flavors of the Mediterranean. The vegetables come from the restaurant's own garden. There are fountains on the pier of the venue that visitors can use free of charge.

Club Mistral/Orhaniye

Club Mistral, which has been serving since 1983 in the Martı Marina in Orhaniye, where one can never give up its taste with its unique nature, is one of the most important stops for blue passengers with its delicious meals. The cuisine of Club Mistral, where you can dine under the pine trees in a quiet and calm environment, consists of Aegean and Thai cuisine.

Sailor's Pub/Gocek

As the name suggests, Sailor's Pub is a true sailor's bar. Just don't look at the word pub in the name. It offers such delicious food that its taste will remain in your palate. With the smiling faces and warm hospitality of Ayça Baysal and Burak Baskin, Sailor's Pub, which has been offering a very pleasant environment to boat owners and blue passengers since 2008, on the lawns and trees in D-Marin Göcek, is also a frequent destination for sailors from different countries of the world.

Kumlubuku Yacht Club/Marmaris

Kumlubükü Yacht Club, also known as Dutch Ahmet's Place, has been a frequent destination for boaters for years with its delicious nature and delicious food. Owner Ahmet Özkal, who lived in the Netherlands for years, came to Marmaris for vacation in 1974 and discovered the club's land and bought it to build a summer house. He opens the restaurant in 1981. Kumlubuku Yacht Club's T-shaped pier

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