Boats gain value and value according to their size. In other words, the important thing is not the size, but the function story is not very valid here. You have to speak to the size of the boat.

In the yachting world, the price is determined by size rather than comfort. Sailboat or motor yacht? That's the whole point! If Shakespeare had been a sailor, that would have been his whole problem. Because that is the first question of anyone who has accidentally infected the marine world with their three cents or three trillion dollars. There is a simple perception in the minds of those who do not know, such as a motor yacht that is fond of comfort and a sailboat that loves to suffer. However, you don't know until you live! First you will step on a boat, cruise on it, experience eating and sleeping, experience docking, jumping and swimming in the marina, and then you will be able to talk about the comfort that suits your wishes.

When it comes to superyachts, the comfort of a motor yacht is fit for kings, but a sailboat is a sailboat! Both are already quite satisfactory in terms of comfort and luxury. However, the majesty of a 40-50 meter sailing yacht when it unfurls its huge sails is worth seeing, and cruising is an experience that should be experienced by anyone who loves the sea.


Boats gain value and value according to their size. In other words, the important thing is not the size but the function story is not very valid here. You have to speak to the size of the boat. But no matter how many meters, the truth is this: The sailboat is narrow, the motor yacht is wide. In other words, when the sailboat below is 40 meters, of course, we cannot talk about an uncomfortable narrowness; It is quite comfortable and can comfortably accommodate eight to ten people, excluding the crew. However, if we compare it with a 40 meter motor yacht, the motor yacht always comes first in width due to its hull structures! On a 40-metre motoryacht, you can host twice as many guests, have twice the crew, and have twice the storage and living space.

For yachts of 40 meters and above, the owner-guest entrance and the crew entrance are different. Sailing yachts of 40 meters and above have even more cabins than four-to-five cabins, including one large master cabin. In the crew section, there is a large kitchen that means galley, a boat galley, a crew mess living room with a dining table, TV systems, crew cabins with bunk beds, and a captain's cabin. Of course, the interior design of the boat has been changed according to the owner's taste, including the number of cabins, and furnished accordingly.


You will have even more comfortable areas on a motor yacht of 40 meters and above. First of all, since the width of the boat is wider than the sailboat and it can rise up like an apartment building, your living spaces are naturally voluminous. Especially if the boat went above 70 meters, it is now a floating hotel! The comfort and luxury intended for the guest section inside the boat has already been designed with almost unlimited possibilities. Guest cabins, sports halls, garage for cars, tenders of millions, all sea toys, pools, jacuzzis, works of art, cinema, all furnished according to the owner's taste. hall, piano etc. Every conceivable personal pleasure is built into the yacht. The most essential is his own private helicopter, which he always has on board.

Even larger yachts have separate crew areas such as a gym and a separate kitchen. There are luxurious and comfortable crew cabins, each of which is the size of the master cabin of a 20-meter motor yacht, accommodating crews of 15-20 people on yachts of 50-60 meters, and crews of 50-60 people on yachts of over 100 meters. Yes, you read right, even the cabins of a 70-80 meter superyacht are the size and comfort of the master cabin of a 1-2 million dollar 15-20 meter motor yacht. Because the yacht itself already exceeds 100 million dollars.

And of course, on a yacht of this size, there is a comfortable living space that meets all the needs of a large crew that spends their whole life there, as well as a system that enables them to live in the comfort of a hotel, such as laundry, ironing room, kitchens, TV rooms, and without the need to go ashore. In ocean crossings and long sea voyages, more than one engineer is on duty to repair even important malfunctions without going to the shipyard.


100 percent! While cruising on a sailboat, accompanied by the wind blowing on your face, you have the feeling of a hydrofoil on a motoryacht, while you are swaying on the waves dancing next to you, feeling the sea all the way to the bottom. (I said multi-million-dollar superyachts as hydrofoils, I have no place to sleep!)

Is this feeling bad? Of course not. I'm just describing the situation, it's a matter of preference. Some define it as comfort to go on the sea without moving, while others define it as the most privileged comfort in the world to cruise at the highest speed dominated by the wind, without engine noise.

There are also catamarans. What is a catamaran? Simply put, we call two boats tied together a catamaran. It is actually a primitive invention of Sri Lankan and Polynesian origin. We can say that it is the version of two canoes tied together, driven by a tiny paddle. Who could say that there would be versions of those primitive canoes, from hydrofoils to luxury yachts. Well, if we ask what is the difference between a catamaran and a sailboat, I can talk about the feeling it gives you as someone who has lived in it for a long time.

Width! Of course, the difference between a catamaran and a sailboat is its width, because a catamaran means having two sailboats. When you buy a catamaran, you kill two birds with one stone. I don't like it, but for some, catamaran means getting the comfort of a motor yacht with the pleasure of sailing. If we say why I don't like it, it has an uncomfortable feeling of jolting back and forth, not right and left as in sailboats. It's like floating a wedge in water. Moreover, it cannot save itself in difficult weather conditions.

When you aim to buy a boat, you cannot start by visiting the boats in a closed fairground built in the middle of the city. While looking at boats like the cillop in yacht magazines and imagining the yacht you want to buy, I recommend that you remember that what we call comfort is not just the luxury furniture of the boat or the disasters with bikinis sprawling out on the boat in yacht advertisements, and after gaining experience by cruising on your friend's boat, you should put your hand in your pocket. Happy viewing…

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